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Sponsorship opportunities include the WAMU and DCist platforms that provide 3.2 million monthly touchpoints combined.

Sponsorship lets you market to our highly engaged and influential audience with the added benefit of fueling independent and mission-driven journalism — which is essential to a strong community.

1. Nielsen Audio PPM, Washington D.C. Metro, Jul 2022-Jul 2023. Mon-Dun 6a-12m. 18+. 2. Google Analytics, monthly average Mar-Jul 2023. 3. Google Analytics, monthly average Mar-Jul 2023.

Our Audience Takes Notice & Action


of listeners take action in response to a public radio sponsorship message1


of listeners hold a more positive opinion of a company that supports public radio1


of listeners prefer to purchase products and services from public radio sponsors1


of subscribers consider WAMU and DCist newsletters to be credible sources of information.2

1. Kantar / Lightspeed, NPR State of Sponsorship Survey, Jun 2023.  2. Research Narrative, WAMU Local Programming Survey, 2023


Win the Hearts and Minds of Brand Influencers Across the Region

WAMU and DCist sponsorship amplifies your marketing message beyond words. Our ecosystem of communications channels ensures our ever-engaged audience is easily reachable and responds favorably.

A multi-channel approach is an ideal strategy for driving event attendance, recruiting, promoting CSR and building positive brand awareness. 



You and your sponsorship expert craft the perfect marketing message and medium to resonate with our audience.


Your messages are strategically placed across our powerful mediums, including radio, podcast, digital ads, newsletters and more.


The built-in halo effect means the positive association our audience has for our station transfers to your brand.

WAMU influences professionals in the DC metro area

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WAMU and DCist inspire influential Washingtonians to advance ideas, products and services within their professional and personal networks. 

Source: News interests of WAMU and DCist donors and subscribers, a private study conducted by Research Narrative, 2023