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WAMU Connects Washingtonians With Each Other and the World

D.C.’s NPR® News Station

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Bridging regional life and world news, WAMU combines programs from top public media producers with its own distinctive originals for a robust award‑winning roster of news, talk, lifestyle and entertainment programming.

Modern Audio With Timeless Appeal

The WAMU brand of storytelling captivates fans. Just as important as its educational mission and fact‑based journalism is its tone. WAMU respects listener intelligence and presents diverse and authentic perspectives in a way that encourages civil dialogue.

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3.2 Million Touchpoints Each Month Across Platforms

WAMU accompanies news and culture seekers throughout the day at their convenience with a click, voice command, download or dial turn.

Sources: Nielsen Audio PPM, Washington D.C. Metro, Aug 2021-Aug 2022, M-Su 6a-12m, A18+; Google Analytics, Jan-Aug 2022; StreamGuys and PRX, Jan-Aug 2022; Engaging Networks, Aug 2022

Sponsors Get Results


of listeners take action in response to a public radio sponsorship message


of listeners hold a more positive opinion of a company that supports public radio


of listeners prefer to purchase products and services from public radio sponsors

Source: Kantar, NPR State of Sponsorship Survey, March 2022

WAMU influences professionals in the DC metro area

WAMU Inspires People Who Influence Personal and Professional Networks

Compared to the average Washingtonian, WAMU listeners are more likely to advance ideas and products in key sectors of the region.

They own businesses and are decision‑makers in professional careers

They prioritize education and lifelong learning

With discretionary income, they have immense purchasing power

Their passion for the arts translates into attendance, donations and creative work

They lead and participate in community initiatives

They work for the federal government and in related positions in the private sector

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WAMU Is Trusted

Washington Insiders consider WAMU #7 among the
Most Trusted Media Outlets for Washington‑focused
News and Information.

Source: National Journal, Washington in the Information Age, 2019

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